Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas is a time of giving

Its that time of year when people start giving each other gifts, then start thinking about the needy around the world as well.  This is something that we should all truly think about more often than just around the holiday season, but since people are thinking about it now, may I point you towards one way that we can help the impoverished around the world:  Giving Poo.

One of the ways that we indirectly impact the impoverishment of others around the world is through our consumption of petroleum.  Petroleum, although most americans think of it as a source for gasoline, is made into fertilizers for farmers around the world.  In fact, most of the famine in the world is not caused by inclement weather or pests, but rather economics.  When oil prices spike, farmers are unable to puchase fertilizers, reducing crop yields, and consequently causing famine. 

Now petroleum based fertilizers aren't the best way to farm, but it is practical because its cheap.  We can help reduce poverty and essentially subsidize more ecologically responsible farming by purchasing manure for third world farmers.  Two birds one stone!


  1. I personally donated to the Wolf Center International through the San Diego County Combined Federal Campaign charity system. Though I'd be willing to give my poo to the poor, if someone was willing to take it from me.

  2. In fact, now that I think about it, instead of using the toilet, I could just carry around a plastic bag and anytime a homeless person puts their hand out to me, I could give them one. No, but seriously, the famine issue is crazy. We pay farmers not to grow crops and burn the excess. As we say in the service Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?