Wednesday, April 14, 2010

eww gross

So if you want to see what I look like after the operation walking around without gauze.... click here.  You don't actually see my sutures or anything, because its behind a some plastic tape and under that is blood and benzene and stuff they used to keep it from getting infected.  In a couple of days I should have a better picture for you.

The picture is pretty high resolution, so you should be able to zoom into it pretty good. 


  1. That's pretty gnarly dude. I am thankful you got it checked out before it led to anything worse. Hope you're up and at em and feeling good soon. See you in a few in either case.

  2. Wow thats awful that you've been going through so much and you weren't aware of how serious of a medical condition this was. I'm glad that your doing well. I just now got on to your blog site. Take care of yourself and I hope to see you soon in class.


  3. Dear Professor Wayne,
    I had no idea about your physical condition and the operation until last evening. Professor Ramírez told us that you might have to be operated again? I hope everything goes well and you recuperate soon. We are certainly going to miss you.

  4. Yeah there is a chance I'll need another operation. Since the original problem was congenital, they want to look at the rest of my spine to see if there are other similar defects in my spine elsewhere. If so, that means the same surgery there too.

  5. Hello Professor Yuen-

    I showed up to class yesterday puzzled by the note on the door, then a few hours later, I received an email explaining. I had no idea you had been complaining of pain since February.

    Well wishes to you.

    RS Phil 107

  6. Geez. That looks awful. You'll have to post more when the gauze comes off.

    Not to trivialize what's going on but... what are you going to do with your hair now that a ton of it is gone?

    Also, I might be down in San Jose this weekend. Are you up for a visit?

  7. That is an awesome picture. I hope you get better soon. Its unfortunate that they had to cut your hair too...