Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Black Blog

So I have a pretty dark blog.  I wonder if it hurts people's eyes when they read my blog.  That is generally why people write on light backgrounds with dark writing...  To ease eye strain.

But why a dark blog?  I'm trying to save energy.  Not too long ago, a few people calculated what the energy savings would be if Google changed their homepage from a white background to a black background.  The energy savings would be something like 8.3 Megawatts of power per day. 

The more we become conscious about our energy use, the more we realize that we use a whole lot of energy when we're not even trying to. 


  1. I never knew about this. I just always like dark backgrounds, but good to know that they actually help the environment.

    Where did you find out about this?

  2. I always thought that dark backgrounds helped prevent eye fatigue when you read for long periods of time...but it's pretty interesting that it saves power too.